Quiz Questions – BREXIT Special edition

BREXIT Special

Well with the Brexit vote on 23rd June it seemed like a good opportunity to try a themed quiz.

Guess the theme! The clue was in the title.

[Q1.] Here is a still from a 1985 movie, name the movie and the lead actor on the right?


[Q2.] How many countries make up the EU?

[Q3.] The band Europe had a big hit with the Final Countdown – what is the next line?

We’re leaving together
But still it’s farewell

[Q4.] The Alps stretch across 8 countries, which countries?

[Q5.] Of the fifty countries that are defined as having some territory in Europe (i.e not just EU members) which is the largest and which is the smallest ?

[Q6.] Which European country has this flag ?


[Q7.] Which country has won the Eurovision song contest the most times?

[Q8.] Which European country has the highest per capita consumption of beer (at a whopping 142.6 litres in a year)?

[Q9.] The following are the top 4 European countries by number of guns owned per 100 residents, can you rank most to least ?
a) Cyprus b) Serbia c) Sweden d) Switzerland

[Q10.] On 24th June 2013 the former Italian Prime Minister was found guilty of abusing his power and having sex with an underage prostitute – who is this man?


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