Quiz Questions for w/e 2nd October

A bit late, public holiday on Friday and a full weekend – hopefully the questions make up for it.

[Q1.] For which 1998 movie is this DVD cover image taken?


[Q2.] How many strings are there on a violin?

[Q3.] Which 1988 song has the following opening lines (first line omitted as it contains the title)?

<first line omitted>
I want a ticket to anywhere
Maybe we make a deal
Maybe together we can get somewhere
Any place is better
Starting from zero got nothing to lose
Maybe we’ll make something
Me myself I got nothing to prove

[Q4.] The Sandwich Islands is the former name of which islands?

[Q5.] Frank Sinatra and George Clooney both played which fictional movie conman?

[Q6.] Who is this a photo of?

[Q7.] Which is the only American state that is one syllable long?

[Q8.] What is the name of the bone that extends from the shoulder to the elbow?

[Q9.] Whose final words were (allegedly) “Et tu, Brute?”?

[Q10.] On 2nd October 1950 Charles M Schulz first published which cartoon strip?


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