Quiz Questions for w/e 26th June

Happy quiz times.

[Q1.] What year was this movie released (blurring added by me to make it marginally harder)?

[Q2.] Who won the 2014 Brownlow Medal?

[Q3.] Which 1990 song has the following opening verse?

You burden me with your questions
You’d have me tell no lies
You’re always asking what it’s all about
But don’t listen to my replies
You say to me I don’t talk enough
But when I do I’m a fool
These times I’ve spent, I’ve realized
I’m going to shoot through
And leave you

[Q4.] “Faith” was the first solo album of which British singer-songwriter?

[Q5.] Is Wellington on New Zealand’s North or South Island?

[Q6.] Who is this a photo of ?

[Q7.] Which is the wettest month of the year in Melbourne?

[Q8.] With which U.S city was Al Capone most associated?

[Q9.] If a cobbler makes shoes what does a cooper make?

[Q10.] On 26th June 1960 Madagascar gains its independence from which country?


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