Quiz Questions for w/e 12th June

Another 10 questions to get you thinking.

[Q1.] Which upcoming movie has the following poster art (blurring added by me to make it marginally harder)?


[Q2.] The Magna Carta was signed on 15th June – but what year?

[Q3.] Which 1978 song has the following opening lines?

I was walkin’ down the street
Concentratin’ on truckin’ right
I heard a dark voice beside of me
And I looked round in a state of fright
I saw four faces one mad
A brother from the gutter
They looked me up and down a bit
And turned to each other

[Q4.] The New Power Generation are the backup group for which artist?

[Q5.] Which is the most easterly of the 50 States in the USA?

[Q6.] What African country has this flag?


[Q7.] What did Tony Abbott, this week, describe as “visually awful”?

[Q8.] What makes Romulus Augustus famous?

[Q9.] What are you afraid of if you suffer from agoraphobia?

[Q10.] 12th June 1994, the world’s largest twinjet makes it’s first flight, who makes that plane and what is it’s model name ?


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