Quiz Questions for w/e 18th April

Here are 10 questions to tackle.

[Q1.] Which actor had roles in the following films; The Deer Hunter (1978), A View To A Kill (1985), Biloxi Blues (1988), Catch Me If You Can (2002), Wedding Crashers (2005)?

[Q2.] What chemical element has the symbol W?

[Q3.] Which 1997 song has the following opening verses?

A heart that’s full up like a landfill

A job that slowly kills you

Bruises that won’t heal

You look so tired and unhappy

Bring down the government

They don’t, they don’t speak for us

I’ll take a quiet life

A handshake of carbon monoxide

[Q4.] What country has the capital Bandar Seri Begawan?

[Q5.] Who sang the title song for the movie “The Living Daylights”?

[Q6.] Which TV show, running from 1982 until 1987, followed the lives of students and faculty at the New York City High School for the Performing Arts?

[Q7.] In what year did Tenzing and Hillary make the first successful ascent of Mt. Everest?

[Q8.] Which US state has the capital Baton Rouge?

[Q9.] What is the largest internal organ of the body?

[Q10.] On April 18th 1980 The Republic of Zimbabwe came into being – what was it called before that?


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