Quiz Questions for w/e 27th July

Hi this is a special Olympic Special Quiz – normal service will be reduced next week.

1. Which team is the only one to have competed under it’s own flag at every Summer Games?
2. What colour were the medals awarded for first place in the Athens 1896 games?
3. Who were the host cities for the summer games in:
a) 1912 b) 1948 c) 1932 d) 1936
4. Which of these has never been an Olympic sport:
a) Golf b) Polo c) Chess d) Tug of War
5. Which city is the only one to have been chosen to be host 3 times?
6. Larisa Latynina of the then Soviet Union is the all time medal (any colour) winner – with a total of:
a) 17 b) 18 c) 20
7. Michael Phelps has the most gold medals – how many?
a) 9 b) 12 c) 14
8. Where were the Equestrian events held for the 1956 Melbourne games?
9. The Olympic flame was an Olympic symbol from 1928, but in which games did the first torch relay occur?
10. Carl Lewis won the Long Jump gold medal how many times?

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